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A large scale display system suitable for PR and sponsorship events, product launches, conferences, exhibitions, museums, clubs and theatrical productions.

  • The standard size of StagePod is 3.2m wide or 5m wide by 3.5m deep by 3.7m high.The standard image size is 3m by 1.8m high. Our StagePod Truss system is 6m wide by 4m deep by 4.5m high with a 3D image size of 4m wide by 2.3m high.
  • StagePod can be supplied to any size and with any housing or hidden behind a false wall.
  • 3D projections can be in high definition (HD) video.
  • StagePod can take a live HD TV feed allowing real people to appear as a 3D projection.
  • StagePod can mix real people or objects with computer graphics or video.
  • StagePod creates crisper, sharper and consequently more realistic representations of an object or person than any other medium Projection of celebrities, characters, 3D animations, large-scale CGI or HD renderings of components such as mobile phones, vehicles and consumer products are all possible.
  • Content is easy to generate (HD video or CGI) Interactive options are available



• Stage Pod In Pictures

3D Stagepod System
Real Person interactive with a 3D Virtual Object

3D Projection System
Gorillaz 'live' with Madonna at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards

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