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The FogScreen™ projection screen, produces a thin curtain of “dry” fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air. The result: stunning, attention-demanding displays - which is why FogScreen projection screen is used so often at product launches, trade shows, restaurants, nightclubs, museums and other venues.

It’s as simple as it is stunning. Using nothing more than tap water and ultrasonic waves, FogScreen projection screen machines employ a patented technology to create a smooth foggy airflow that captures images just like a screen. You can walk right through a FogScreen projection screen without getting wet. The microscopic fog droplets actually feel dry to the touch, just like air.

The beauty of FogScreen projection screen is that anything you can see on a computer screen can now float in the air. Otherwise it’s like any ordinary projection screen; installation couldn’t be any easier. Just replace your conventional screen with FogScreen projection screen. It works with still pictures, moving images and lasers. With two projectors, different images can be shown on both sides of the screen.


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