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THE  SHINEMARK SYSTEM (SHOWSHINER)… Our high impact motion display combined with a best–in-class shoe polisher, is sure to capture your clients attention. Our scrolling displays are no doubt the most effective way to showcase any business, product or service by utilizing attention grabbing motion combined with a fresh, sharp look that maximizes promotional space.

FEATURES... The Shine Mark Advertising System  is   a full color motion display that works like a mini billboard  combined with a heavy duty commercial shoe polish system . The shoe polish system contains a polish dispenser filled with a neutral color polish for all color shoes and 4-wool yarn polish brushes to provide a brilliant shine to any shoe.

SPECIFICATIONS... The scroll motion machine has spaces, 18”x24” in size. The images can be set to change intervals from 3-seconds to 60 seconds. The scrolling   machine provides unlimited ads along with an audio sync option that allows TV type ads to be displayed and heard. The overall dimensions for the system is 69” high, 24.5” wide, and 16” deep and weighs 120lbs.

The location provides a FREE shoeshine to the customers. The advertiser gets a captive audience to view the advertiser’s message while the customer shines their shoes. It’s a win-win for the location, customer, and most importantly, the advertiser.



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